Björn: Hi David, let me first introduce myself. My name is Bjoern Wilmsmann, I'm doing this interview on behalf of the German online magazine . So David, how are doing today?

David: I'm doing great How are you?

Björn: I'm fine, too. Thank you. To start with, you have re-released the Virgin Steele albums "Life Among The Ruins", "The Marriage Of Heaven & Hell Part I & II" on Oct, 31st. In which respects do the new versions differ from the original ones?

David: First of all, they have proper packaging. The original ones had some misprinted lyrics as they were rushed out rather quickly. All of the tracks have been re-mastered and there is bonus material on each album.

Björn: Talking about this bonus material, could you tell us a bit about the Purple Rain recording from the Life among the ruins release? How did that come about?

David: These recordings were made during a mid-afternoon to evening jam session at my home, using the P.A. and the MiniDisc player in my living room. We wanted to share what happened in that room and the special feeling during the session to show that these songs not only function in an over the top manner. It was similar to the feeling of some unplugged gigs we recently did in Germany and Italy. The recording took place beside a fire-place and was extremely stripped down. Very low tech and very liberating. It was a one take recording capturing just the magic of the moment, It was like everything reduced to guitar player / singer.

Björn: What are your major influences as a musician?

David: As a musician and a singer I'm very much influenced by guitar players like Jimmy Page, Brian May and Eddie van Halen. I wanted to do with my voice what they did with their guitars. Besides that I am also influenced by great rock singers like Freddie Mercury.

Björn: Your upcoming albums will be distributed via the German record company DOCKYARD1. How come an American band chooses a record company from  Germany?

David: For us it actually is quite normal to sign with European labels, we did it before with TNT Records and Noise Records from Berlin. In the beginning we were like 50/50 between the US and Europe but nowadays this leans more towards Europe. Europe is like our second home. Besides, we knew people from DOCKYARD1 and we were able to negotiate a very loose deal. It is all very easy-going and comfortable.

Björn: There will also be a brand new Virgin Steele album in 2009. Is there any information you can divulge without telling too much?

David: We plan to issue something new every 5 to 6 months now. We've enough material for the next 2-3 albums. The next album will be in the vein of Angel of Death. Very barbaric and romantic!

Björn: Are there any plans yet to do live gigs for promoting your new stuff?

David: We hope to come over once the album done, which will be somewhere around March till May. So, we'll most likely tour in spring or summer. However, there are no fixed dates yet.

Björn: Besides being a composer you are mainly known as one of the most distinctive voices of heavy metal. How do you take care of your voice, especially when on tour? That is do you warm up before a gig or do you ever get hoarse?

David: First of all, thank you very much, I appreciate that. I didn't warm up at all till about 2001. Until that time the sound check or the first song used to be my warm-up. Nowadays I vocalise and rehearse frequently. The most important thing on tour is to try not to get ill and get enough sleep. All of my family sing very well, my sister is an opera singer, my mother has very good voice and my father has a great voice, too but in the end turned to theater rather than opera. I've had a vocal coach since about 2003. Currently, I am working with my sister's husband, who is a lyrical baritone.

Björn: Talking your other project besides Virgin Steele: Are there any plans for further metal operas like Lilith, which was quite well received?

David: I would very much like to. The next album will actually be related to Visions of Eden. The ultimate goal is me and Virgin Steele being part of such a production. With previous productions we only had the orchestra and other singers performing the music. Lilith is female and obviously I am not female. So, I would like to play a male role in the next metal opera.

Björn: Are you still with Tobias Sammet's Avantasia in one way or another, did you or do you consider joining them once again, for instance for their live performances?

David: Unfortunately, this has not been presented to me at all. I heard about it but I wasn't asked if I would like to join them on tour.

Björn: Thank you David for answering my questions. It was a pleasure to talk to you.

David: Thanks very much for the questions, see you on tour next year! Bye

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