In light of recent comments regarding Whitesnakes current live tour we felt it necessary to offer a technical explanation for Mr Coverdale's microphone technique, which appears to be responsible for initiating various threads online on the subject of playback, here are some comments from Bradley Johnson  Whitesnake's very highly regarded Front Of House engineer... "It is the goal of every front of house engineer to provide the best quality audio to as many ticket purchasing patrons as possible.  The factors that have a direct influence on this include: room acoustics; type, size and quality of the PA system: performance of the musicians: stage volume of the backline gear; even temperature and humidity.  I  work extremely hard to accommodate David's mic technique.  I endeavour to make every syllable and nuance of his vocal heard no matter how far the microphone strays from the sweet spot. Getting a vocal mic audible over a juggernaut guitar rig when it is three feet from a singers mouth is no small task...  Some nights I win, some nights i do not...   As far as running tracks live,,,,,ludicrous." For those of you that interpret and confuse the strength and technique of Mr Coverdale's vocal (combined with the abilities of our front of house engineer) for playback are very much mistaken. (Whitesnake Management November 24th 2008)
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